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  • meat, meats, images, image, picture, pictures, photo, photos, photographs, photograph, substitutes, substitutions, alternatives, equivalents, glossary, links, recipes, ingredients, ingredient, cooking, cook, Gives synonyms, equivalents, and substitutions for various cuts of lamb., beef OR pork OR veal OR ch
  • http://www.scmeat.com/cuts.html [Found on Google, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves]
  • ... We have covered information on basic lamb cuts, quality grading, and have provided some links to various recipe sites for your eating pleasure. ...http://ag.ansc.purdue.edu/sheep/ansc442/Semprojs/l... [Found on Google, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves]
  • Lamb Basic Cuts. 1. Leg. 6. Forequarter. 2. Chump. 7. Shank. 3. Tenderloin. 8. Neck. 4. Eye of Loin. 9. Party Rack. 5. Loin
  • Compare prices to find deals for Show Bound Naturals Lamb Cuts in Broth (24/13-oz cans) (buy for as low as $33.99)
  • Recipes - Cuts. These look good, try out our list of recipes below... A quick and easy application using the lamb rump. An excellent barbecue idea with numerous options for side condiments. ... "The real secret of Rack of New Zealand Lamb is that it is so easy and elegant ... love eating their New Zealand Lamb cuts with a ketchup, worchestershire, mustard ...
  • On this page you can view the different cuts of Lamb available for you to order. ... Aswell as special and regular cuts, you can also buy half a Lamb - phone or email us for more details ... Highlight the text below to find corresponding. Lamb cuts: ...
  • Beef loin round bone sirloin steak, also called beef loin sirloin steak, contains portions of backbone and muscle structure. The largest muscles include the top sirloin and tenderloin interspersed with fat. The shape of the hip bone resembles a round bone. The steak is usually prepared by broiling,
  • ... of information on domestic and imported boxed lamb cuts sales. This rule amends the definition of ``carlot ... carlot-based sales of boxed lamb cuts to transactions between a buyer ...http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/257/2422/06jun20041... [Found on Yahoo!]

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