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  • Fish Recipes. Recipes for a variety of fish including bluefish, tuna, salmon, catfish, scrod, swordfish, trout, and more, plus caviar and fish roe. ... About>Food & Drink>Home Cooking> Recipes> Seafood Recipes> Fish Recipes> Fish Recipes Index ... Home Cooking Fish Recipes. If you have a recipe to share, please post on our Message ...http://homecooking.about.com/library/archive/blfis... [Found on Yahoo!, About]
  • classic Italian fish recipes ... PESCE. RECIPES. TONNO ALLA GRIGLIA ... salt, and pepper/mix bread crumbs, garlic, and parsley/roll fish in mixture, and grill or broil about 8 minutes per side ...http://www.geocities.com/napavalley/vineyard/6430/... [Found on Yahoo!]
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  • Do not marinate longer or shrimp will start to cook in the marinate and take on a rubbery texture. Barbecue shrimp in shells over hot coals 3-4 minutes each side. The shells keep the meat moist. ... Barbecued Fish Back Home Bar-B-Q Secret Thai Shrimp ... Salmon Barbecue Shrimp Barbecued Fish Barbecued Oysters with Shiitakes ... Chicken Barbecued Skewers of Fish - Seekh Ki Machali Bob's ...http://www.geocities.com/swisherbbq/fish.html [Found on Yahoo!]

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