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  • If you really like a strong almond taste, substitute almond extract for vanilla extract in this recipe. A gluten-free adaptation of the traditional Seven Layer Bar recipe. All ingredients are available in ordinary supermarkets. ... This recipe is great for chocolate fans! ...http://cookie.allrecipes.com/directory/617.asp [Found on Yahoo!]
  • A delicious recipe for Chocolate Crackles, with ingredients, method and serving amount, as well as a food glossary and cooking guides. ... Cookie recipes. Chocolate Crackles recipe. ingredients. 8 oz (225 g) chocolate dots. 1 oz (25 g) golden syrup (substitute light corn syrup) ...http://www.cookitsimply.com/dessert/cookie-recipes... [Found on Yahoo!]
  • ... cookbook author and chef Gregg Gillespie the author of 1001 Chocolate Recipes. Gregg's book 1001 Chocolate Recipes has recipes for cookies, cakes, ...http://www.homeschoolzone.com/m2m/chocolate.htm [Found on Google, Yahoo!]
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies. These are chewy, healthy oatmeal cookies which can be prepared in a number of variations, just add nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, coconut, candied fruit or any other additions. ... This is a secret family recipe for chocolate chip cookies ... A tried and true recipe for chocolate chip cookies with milk chocolate chips. ...http://www.allrecipes.com/directory/561.asp [Found on Yahoo!]
  • Search for Chocolate recipes from 280, 000+ recipes online. Save that special Chocolate recipe in your online recipe collection. Chocolate recipes added monthly. ... FREE. Chocolate. Recipe. Archive: Chocolate Recipe Archive ...http://chocolate-recipes.chef2chef.net/ [Found on Yahoo!]
  • ... "Outrageous" Chocolate-Oatmeal Chipper (Cookies) "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Chip Cookies ... 20 Minute Chocolate Cake. 3 Meg Meringue Kisses. 3-Step Cheesecake Recipe. 4 ...http://www.floras-hideout.com/recipes/choc-ALL.htm... [Found on Yahoo!]
  • Discover more about recipe vegan chocolate ... cake chocolate recipe vegan cake chocolate recipe vegan Copyright www.veganvillage.com 2003. All rights reserved. cake chocolate recipe vegan Find what you're looking for ...
  • ... Brownies. Chocolate Chip Cookies@ Cookie Mixes ... Recipes A to Z. Cookie Recipe Search ...http://cookie.allrecipes.com/ [Found on Yahoo!]
  • Chocolate Recipes and Shopping online presented by Godiva Chocolatier ... Our Featured Recipe. The Ultimate Flourless Chocolate Torte is made with Godiva Dark Chocolate and coffee for a rich mocha flavor ...http://www.godiva.com/recipes [Found on Yahoo!]
  • A delicious recipe for Chocolate Cake, with Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur, vodka and sugar. Also lists similar drink recipes. ... Chocolate / Cocoa. Chocolate Cake recipe ...http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink1144.html [Found on Yahoo!]

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